Meet Kaeli Quick

The program I used to create this infographic was Canva. I used a template to create this graphic. I feel it is a very easy to use program that allows you to chose from so many templates but also allows for you to be able to create your own content. I feel using the templates is easier to use because it makes it more accessible and easier for anyone to use.

I chose to do the topic on myself. I picked this because I felt it was a lot easier to do this first assignment because I felt I was able to highlight the major points in my life and show case what meant the most to me and all my accomplishments.

It only took me 10 minutes to do the infographic. It made it a lot easier since the topic is about me but I felt it was the best option to do chose while getting used to using the infographic template. I am not used to doing infographics so I wanted to be able to learn to use the software without overwhelming myself.

I chose to highlight my name and birthplace first. Then, I moved into my family because they are what means the most to me. I continued on to highlight the accomplishments I had in the two organizations that impacted my college experience. Next, I moved into things about my career and college decisions. Lastly, I talked about where I am from and high school because that is also a major accomplishment in my life. I felt the colors ran nicely together and I left the font from the template because I liked it.

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