About Amanda

Pink and Brown Modern Beauty Skincare InfographicTo create this infographic, I used canava.com. At first I used a template then later restarted with a blank canvas to create something unique to who I am.

I enjoyed this program, there were a lot of different tools that I was able to access. Along with a lot of cool pictures and drawings I was able to incorporate in order to enhance my final product. Since I did this project on myself, I did not do any research.

To create the infographic it took me a decent amount of time. The reason it took me longer than anticipated was due to me having to start over.

In reference to my design process, I did not think too deep into it. I decided to go with what I felt looked pleasing. I wanted it to be simple yet have all the information needed. As for the font, I wanted to have an elegant but modern font which is why I chose the font called ‘Playfair Display.’ As for the layout I just wanted it to be simple and easy to read.

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