Gabriel Profile Infographic

1580582004668GMProfile Infographic

(Here’s the link if it’s not visible)

I decided to do a profile for myself. I started with a basic timeline template, because it looked like the best model to make an infographic, it was straightforward and easy to understand compared to business model infographics. This is also the first time I’ve used, so I didn’t want to make it too complicated. As this is profile, I skipped from my birth to more recent and relevant information, like college and job info. I used the hospital image to share my birth, but its ugly and I hate it.

I originally was going to put all the major events alongside the line and bullet, but realized I could place them in where they fir the best. I used an ugly building to represent both my high school and college graduation. Its better than the puke colored hospital. I used buildings with Dollar General colors to represent the company and the fact I’ve worked for multiple stores, and duration for the time I’ve worked there. I used the clipboard to represent studying at Bloomsburg and my internship at Geisinger. The black and red building is supposed to be campus. I also wanted to put graduation caps on my most important graduations, past and potential future. Putting graphics on the timeline dots distinguished certain events as more important than others.

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