Meet Angela DiPasquale

Infographic #1

Infographics are a great material to express yourself in a creative and informative way. However, I would say that creativity tends to be one of my weaknesses. I am a very logistical and straight forward person so the creation of infographics is a challenge for me. I figured since creativity is a challenge that I would start easier and create an infographic about myself. I knew that I wanted to stick with Bloomsburg colors within my graphic because I truly bleed maroon and gold at this point in my college career and I am very sad to see my husky career ending soon. I also wanted to teach people about my family and where I am from as those are things I don’t normally talk about in my typical class assignments. Another area I wanted to focus on was my hobbies, I really wanted to stay away from using a lot of text and I knew that my hobbies could be represented with images.

I am very familiar with using Canva so I immediately started to create my graphic through canva. I at first looked through the templates but personally didn’t like any of them so I decided to use a blank template to really challenge myself and make it unique. The creation on canva took me a few hours to create as I struggled to find images that I like and that fit well with the design and size of my graphic. I actually ended up signing up for a 30-day free trail of premium to better assistant in getting the images that I wanted. After messing around with different variations of the colors I choose and the images available to me I created a design I was happy with.

Like I stated above the first thing I did was figure out my color scheme, which wasn’t hard as it is always maroon and gold! Once I agreed on those colors I went to my profile with the lacrosse team and used my recent team headshot. I figured that picture would be best as my jersey and the background colors tie into my overall color scheme. I found my design elements by just scrolling through the available elements and trial and erroring the ones that I found till I found ones I truly loved. Since I knew I wanted to focus on home, family and hobbies I searched for the proper images and placed them in spots I believed was best. The images that I used all came from canva and the photo of myself is from the Bloomsburg Women’s Lacrosse Roster page.



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