Donald J. Trump Life and Successful Acheivments-Infographic

The program of choice I used in my infographic was I found a template just to get started but significantly modified it to give the infographic my own personal design. I liked this program because all the tools you need to make infographics where readily available and it also helped keep everything aligned and organized throughout the process.

It took me approximately 10 to 15 minutes to find all of the research required to complete my infogrpahic, because I chose to do this infographic on Donald Trump, all of the information was almost all readily available in google results. In total however, this entire process of researching and then designing for the infographic took me about and hour and a half.

My Design process for the infographic was simple. Started with a picture on who this info graph was about, I then put out the necessary fact requirements in the middle because I felt like if I put the facts at the bottom, nobody would read them after a timeline of Trumps achievements. Lastly I put the timeline of his life successes following the facts as a good way to finish this infographic.

The color choices used in this design were very patriotic and American themed. I used these colors of red white and blue because it was in relevance to Donald Trump being our president.


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