Kobe Bryant Infographic

For this assignment, I started from scratch and used Adobe Photoshop to create this infographic of Kobe Bryant. I love the freedom I have with this program but it is difficult to learn and hard to get the hang of. I chose Kobe Bryant for this project as he has just passed and has been all over the news lately. Hearing of all his accomplishments inspired to me create my own infographic of them. It took me about two hours to create this infographic and about 30 minutes of researching Kobe’s accomplishments and looking up how to work certain features in Photoshop. First, I chose a picture that I liked and removed the background. I then added the text in a different layer played with the formatting and colors until I found what I thought looked the best. I chose basic fonts and colors because I wanted it to look clean and professional as opposed to fun and playful. Overall, I am happy with my 1st infographic.


Image: https://cutt.ly/JrYe6Zo

Information: https://cutt.ly/vrYe5Hs

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