The Resurge in Houseplant Popularity- is it driven by millennials and should you get a one?

When I received a succulent as a gift on my 18th birthday, I didn’t think 30 more plants would follow in my near future. But here we are. Crazy plant lady. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t get 30 plants all at once, but over time I found myself more and more invested in my plants, it became a hobby.

The only thing holding me back from 30 more plants is my tiny-only-two-window-having apartment that barely lets the sun in! With almost 4 years of house-plant experience, I’ve come to find what are the easiest to take care of and must have houseplants.

I owe my love of plants to my lovely mother that gifted me said plant on my 18th birthday. However, I can’t help but notice a rise in the popularity of houseplants, succulents and hanging plants among millennials, especially.

According to a millennial-based survey on Articulate, 70% (1,400 participants out of 2,000) consider themselves a plant parent. Although it is a small survey sample; I think we can agree plants have made their way into so many young individuals’ hearts, interests, and homes more than they ever have before. It could be for several reasons, personally; I think plants make my home feel like home. Taking care of my plants, buying new ones, finding fun pots- I love it all.

If you don’t believe me that millennials are causing the houseplant business to boom- just check out any plant-based Instagram hashtag. It’s the thing now to have tons of beautiful plants in your home. Derryl Shang’s House Plant Journal is a perfect example of this trend.

According to Derryl, he used the popular hashtag #plantsofinstagram, and boasted up as many as 2.7 million likes on it. Making money off things that make you feel happy and look beautiful? I can understand why most millennials are into this!

Social media and money gain aside, there is no denying the rise of plant popularity in households. Especially after the COVID-19 outbreak that sent millions into quarantine looking for hobbies.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, plant parents across the United States spent $8.5 billion more on gardening-related items in 2020 than they did in 2019, an increase of 18.7%.

It is no coincidence this happens when millions across the nation were cooped up for the first time with nothing to do but buy plants. I know my local greenhouses sure got their money’s worth from me during the prime COVID-19 time.

I have noticed in the last two years my roommate has accumulated a number of plants around the house, and after doing this research I decided to ask her about why and where her interest in houseplants came from.

She explained to me, “Well, first of all, you know we can’t have animals- so some plants are the best I can do to scratch that itch. They’re my babies. I love taking care of them- it makes me feel better about myself, in a way, keeping my plants healthy and beautiful.”

She continued, “But, I think I first got into plants during the quarantine. Honestly, my mom kept ordering new plants all the time, which I thought was funny- being able to order houseplants online. Who knew the demand? Anyway, she was going crazy and needed something to do and when we moved back to the apartment, I was handed off her plants. My plants…now.”

It is no coincidence this happens when millions across the nation were cooped up for the first time with nothing to do but buy plants. I know my local greenhouses sure got their money’s worth from me during the prime COVID-19 time.

In addition to making great hobbies to pick up during times of mass crisis- plants can also benefit our health and well-being which is also a massive benefit during the pandemic. My own mother swears by this, quoting, “The time I take tending to my plants each morning-well, it’s me time. It’s therapeutic. My plants are my therapy.” After being asked if all the plants in our house (we have a lot, there is a greenhouse built into my house. Did I mention my mom is a plant lady?) benefitted her health.

According to Swanson Nursery, “Multiple studies have proven that indoor plants keep you healthier and happier, offering both psychological and physical health benefits that include: Improving office performance and focus, boosting healing and pain tolerance, minimizing the occurrence of headaches by improving air quality, and easing dry skin and respiratory ailments due to dry air.

All in all, houseplants are a trend we didn’t see coming back after their boom in the ’70s, inspired by flower power and macrame, but they did! I can personally attest that owning a houseplant has benefitted my overall quality of life. That might sound dramatic- but they add so much character to a home, they are exciting to decorate with, and they make me feel better and put together.

If you are bored, in need of a nice decoration, or maybe you are just searching for something to fill the void that is the puppy your landlord prevents you from loving and nurturing, anyone can benefit from a houseplant. Check out your local greenhouses and see what you can find.


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