A Complete Recap of Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello’s Relationship

Ever wonder what it is like to fall in love as a celebrity? Well, the world got to see as Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello’s relationship unfolded in front of the public’s eye from the moment they met in 2014 to their soul crushing end in 2021.

Their start began as many relationships do, with uncertainty about how the other feels. According to Popsugar, in July of 2014 Mendes and Cabello met because they were both openers for Austin Mahone’s tour. Mendes and Cabello were both in a state of uncertainty, recalling that they wanted to get to know each other, but the two never did anything about it. Sadly, for the rest of 2014, that was that. Cabello and Mendes were just distant thoughts in each other’s minds.

But the story does not end there. According to Galmour, in 2015 Cabello and Mendes shocked the world as they dropped a hot new single called “I Know what you Did Last Summer”. This song was not only added to many playlists that year, but also sparked dating rumors between the two.

Sadly, the rumors did not come to fruition and it was quiet on the Cabello-Mendes front for a couple of years. Just as rumors quieted down, the two pulled the public back in as they began tweeting about each other. For example, Mendes posted about Cabello’s song saying, “speechless.. goosebumps all over. You’re incredible”.  The kind words continued into 2018 as Mendes says, when talking about Cabello, “I don’t think you’ll ever meet somebody who can feel emotion like her, in all aspects” during an interview with Beats 1.

After flirtatious tweets and back-and-forth compliments, Mendes and Cabello yet again shock the world dropping their steamy song “Senotira” in June of 2019. Mendes and Cabello did not give fans long to investigate their relationship as 1 month after the release of their new song, the two were spot in Hollywood and let’s just say they seemed to be fans of PDA … and each other. Although no official announcements were made, the relationship seemed to make its way into their song writing. Cabello stated in an interview talking about her new songs “I fell in love and just opened up. Everything was written in the present moment”.

September 2019 was when the two stopped teasing the world and finally confirmed they were in a relationship. The announcement came paired with a video where the couple shares their first kiss with the public. Soon after there were confessions of love coming from Cabello. In October during an interview with U.K.’s Capital Breakfast radio show she says, “I really, really, love him a lot”.

After the announcement, Mendez and Cabello seemed to live their life and enjoy their relationship as if no one was watching. In November of 2019, they were filmed sitting court side at a L.A. Clipper’s game. Who knows how much of the game Cabello saw as she sat comfortably nuzzled in Mendes’ shoulder.

The couple’s life seemed to move along well even in the face of the pandemic. According to ELLE the couple decided to quarantine together. The endless amount of Instagram posts showing the two getting along in quarantine gave fans a hopeful outlook on their relationship. Instagram posts of hugging, adventuring, and having nice nights in helped fans to imagine their relationship in a more intimate way than simply seeing them on stage. These posts in no way foreshadowed what was coming.

This is it. The end. November 2021 would go down in pop history as the month that Mendes and Cabello called it quits. But what happened? Why did this seemly perfect couple decide to call it off? Well, all we were left with was a couple of words from the newly separated couple stating that their romantic relationship was over. They would continue to be friends and important parts of one another’s lives, but they will not do so romantically.

A 21-year-old college student was interviewed on the topic and she was flabbergasted by the breakup. “I really thought that they were strong and going to make it. They seemed like they were sole mates”. She admits to not following the couple too closely, but from what she has seen on the internet “they seemed like they were living in their own little bubble”. A 22-year-old fan of the couple was also interviewed and seemed heart broken by the split. “I legit never saw this coming. If they can’t make it work together I have lost hope for love forever”.

Overall, the saga of Mendes and Cabello may be over for now. But the music and entertainment they have released into the world will be remembered forever. As individual entertainers Mendes and Cabello are both starts in their own rights and will continue to help shape and evolve the music industry with their own grace and style.

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