China’s Zero-Tolerance Covid Policy

By: Rachel Iredale

Paragraph 2
Paragraph 11


Program and Article Analysis:

I used Canva for this assignment. I decided to use canva for all three infographics so that they would all have a consistent and uniformed look. I also decided to use Canva because I found it to be a good program to use for both creating charts and for presenting typed information. In this story, it surprised me how tightly controlled China is in regards to the covid pandemic. I always knew that they took extreme measures but I did not know how extreme until I read the article. I decided that the zero-tolerance policy could be enhanced with an infographic. I decided this because I wasn’t sure exactly what it was. If I did not know what it was, there is a good chance that other people do not know either. I decided to expand on what China’s zero-tolerance policy meant and gave examples. I also thought that it was surprising that 77% of China’s total population was vaccinated but restrictions will not be eased until 85% are vaccinated. These two statistics were brought up at different points in the article and I thought that it would be beneficial to have them be visualized side by side in chart format so the audience could see how close to their vaccination goal the population is. The article also talked about how China is taking pride in their low Covid rates, especially when being compared to the US. I thought it would be interesting to create a chart comparing the leading 3 countries effected by the pandemic to china’s total cases. This was interesting to see because China came out to only a sliver on the chart.


I researched this topic by reading through the article and highlighting specific points of interest to me. After picking out especially interesting paragraphs, I researched them in more depth on line. I visited multiple websites and found information that expanded on the article.

Design Process:

I decided to use a dark red background and a yellow compliment color to represent China’s colors. I used black because it is simple and easily able to read against the red background. I kept the font simple so it does not take away from the information being given.

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