Texas Abortion Law Makes its Way Through the Supreme Court

I put this right after paragraph 2. I thought it’d be a good idea to show the faces behind who dissented, and approved of the law.

I would put this after paragraph 7. I thought it’d be a good idea to show what Roe vs. Wade was, so that readers could better understand the story. I thought it’d also be interesting to add how Roe v. Wade reshaped politics on the subject of abortion, so I added that in too.

This would go after paragraph 12. It’s important that the readers know what exactly the Senate 8 bill is, so I decided to create an infographic that explains exactly what it is.

For me, this was definitely the trickiest assignment we have had so far this semester. I’m personally really passionate and interested in abortion laws and women’s rights, so I decided to pick this story so I could do more research about it. While my views definitely do not agree with the Texas Abortion Ban, I had to try to reflect what was in the story. I found myself wanted to give my opinions in my infographics, but I had to reel it in a little to make them align with the story. I think the Roe v. Wade was a really important infographic to have just so that the readers had a clear understanding of that exactly it was before they read more into the story.

I used Canva once again to create all my infographics from scratch. I kept my colors and font the same just to keep some consistency throughout the story. This was definitely the longest I’ve taken when researching and creating the infographics. I spent about an hour a day throughout the week working on them. I kept tweaking the infographics and starting over because I kept changing the information, so it was definitely a little struggle! But I was excited to be pushed a little out of my comfort zone to make these!

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