Cupping Therapy: Who, What, When, and How

I once again used Canva to create this Infographic and I decided to focus this topic on Cupping Therapy. I have been seeing a lot of videos in the media on this type of therapy and I find it very intriguing. I wanted to cover the basics of this topic since it is not the most mainstream treatment. To do this, I focused my design process around the who, what, when, and how.

I gathered my information and photos put them all in one space so I had easy access to them throughout the process. I wanted to choose a background that resembled a spa feel so I found this one on Pixabay and laid it down on the canvas. When I sectioned off the appropriate subjects I was able to transfer the information into the corresponding areas. I think this design process was similar to all of my other ones. I am not the biggest fan of health or environmental topics so I did find this a little bit tricky to write about. Regardless, I learned more about my topic in doing this assignment and I am glad to showcase my work. Resources used are linked below.


First Picture

Phelps Picture

Photo 3 from Canva

Background from Pixabay

Information Source

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