The Cost of Health Care

By: Rachel Iredale



I chose to use powerpoint since I have the most experience with this application and this is the first all inclusive infographic we have done. I started from scratch and crafted each element myself. I like that I have become more comfortable using this program. I do not like that this looks like a word document. Some infographics I have seen are very intricate and visually pleasing. Using power point to create my infographic makes it look like a word document.


Before researching, I had to choose a topic. I knew I wanted to do money and health care since I will be going into the health care field. I decided to incorporate different countries to see how the united states compares. I spent a lot of time researching this topic. I had to go to multiple different trusted websites in order to get all of the information that I needed. Overall, I spend around 1 hour researching this topic.

Creating the Infographic:

I knew that I wanted the background to be green because this weeks topic is all about money. I decided to add the Doctors salary in as a table because it helps the information to look organized. I added the cartoon picture of the doctor to help give the audience a visual. I utilized a bar graph to show how much money per year a citizen in different country spends on health care. I also used a pie graph to break down what exactly health care costs are spent on. I also used text boxes to help give a heading to the graphs and tables.


Mean salary in the US

Mean salary in Switzerland

Mean salary in Norway

Mean salary in Germany

Different Countries spending on health care

Statistics on US spending

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