Florida Population by County 2021

The program that I used to create my infographic was photoshop. I’ve used photoshop before when I had the class Visual Communications with Chung. I haven’t used photoshop for this class yet, but I decided to try it out. I decided to use a template for my infographic. I thought this template worked well with my infographic. I liked how photoshop was easy to color in the spots on the map with the paint bucket. After you colored in your spots, you had to go back and shade in more, because there were still some white spots.

I researched my topic Florida population by county 2021. It took me about 5 minutes to research my topic, as I was already very familiar with my topic, as I lived in Florida for 10 years. It took me about an hour to create my infographic. I tried many different templates, but some of the templates, I didn’t like or they were too small. I had to shade in my infographic, and not all the spaces were shaded, so I had to go back and zoom in and shade in the spaces that still had white in them, so that took me a while. I decided to make a table on Exell, and put my values in the table, and coppied and pasted the table on photoshop, and filled in the colors.

The design process was pretty simple. I just used some bright colors for my infographic. I thought the bright colors would look good with the black text. I just stuck with the font that was already on the template.


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