Whatsa Goin On? (infographic support)

Blue and White Workplace Guidelines Coronavirus Poster (1)

this first infographic I made to give the reader a visual aid of some tips on how to limit exposure and spread of the virus within their homes. Due to the rampant infection rate in Italy I thought a small guide would prove to be useful to the public.


Educate Kids

For this infographic I made for like 17 and 18 to highlight what I thought were noteworthy bits of information pulled from the story that I felt would catch the eye of the reader and entice them to further read the article and become aware of whats going on in their community.


Untitled design

I made this graph to go with line #2 and to highlight some of the other hardest hit provinces in Italy



I made this assignment using Canva for both the infographics and the graph. For the graph I started from scratch but the first two I used a template to get started. I thought the fact that the people don’t even believe the numbers given out by officials as it highlights their distrust with their government similar to how most Americans have with ours. I thought a lot of the parts including numbers would be greatly aided by some visuals but for the sake of the assignment I kept it to 3. All research came from online and the article given to us, most research was just regarding the first infographic and information on how to keep your home clean. Overall it took a little over two hours. I tried to stick to mainly blue and yellow as the two colors because I felt like they were calming which I thought added a nice touch to the assignment.


source: https://tinyurl.com/rbfhqff

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