Playstation 2: The Best Console Ever?

The Playstation 2 is a very successful and well known console produced by Sony. It has many accolades and years of dominance in the field of gaming consoles and to be fair it took the release of the next generation consoles for them to get true competition with the next wave of gaming which was online gaming. But obviously, that isn’t at play here, this is about the Playstation 2 and it’s overall greatnesses and potentially being the best console in console history.  

To start off, let’s talk about how it dominated in numbers. The Playstation 2 beat the numbers of all competitors on launch day release sales. A part of the sixth generation consoles which were the Dreamcast, Xbox, and Gamecube as shown in one of the infographics the Playstation 2 surpassed all of the others launch day sales numbers and it wasn’t even close. When all sales were counted, the Playstation 2 reeled in a grand total of 155 million dollars. The closest to them were the dreamcast and they made 97 million. It actually even sold more in the US than its native country, Japan, selling 54 million units by the end of the lifespan of the Playstation 2 compared to Japan’s 49 million units. 

On top of all the numbers and sales the Playstation 2 had accomplished there were a lot more accolades. The Playstation 2 was very successful in longevity, the lifespan of a console usually lasts until the next generation of consoles release. The Playstation 2 was the longest lasting console in gaming history, lasting well into the 8th generation. Which is two generations later when the PS4 was released. This is one  crazy accolade, as it has never been done before. Having such a long lifespan must have helped Sony and sales to keep going up throughout the years with the addition of the newer consoles. 

In addition to the longevity and the launch day sales outdoing the competition the PS2 was very successful in general numbers and sells wise. The PS2 had global success, the PS2 sold 155 million units over its long lifespan, that is the most in all gaming history. That made the PS2 the best selling console in gaming history. Which is a blowout to the second place which was barely over 100 million units of the PS4. Sony has had much success overall as the top 5 selling consoles all time consist of 3 of the 4 Playstation consoles (PS4, PS3, and PS2). PS2 is once in a generational sensation to succeed for such a long span successfully.  

Besides all of the success and accolades it has gained throughout the years, the culture and community that has grown from the Playstation 2 was also iconic and the start of a lot of fanbases. They not only outdid competitors but they also gained the love of fanbases to come in the future. With classics like Crash bandicoot, Jax and Dexter, Ratchet and Clank, Kingdom Hearts, and those are just a few of the long lasting exclusives that the PS2 had to offer. Games like God of War (later on Uncharted on the PS3 and on) are some of the most amazing games with great storytelling and graphics that led to many falling in love with the series and staying put with the Playstation brand to continue playing those games and finding out the rest of the story and investing in the games for the long run. A couple of friends were questioned about some of their favorite games of all time and they named a lot of games played on the PS2. “ Honesty, the PS2 had so many games that I can’t even name them all, they definitely had a lot of GOAT (greatest of all time) games, they’re hard to top on that for sure”. 

It has a lot to do with cultures or mini cultures in society as many glorify them as they also give a sense of community and even nostalgia. When questioning more people on why the PS2 was so memorable or in general such a great console and one friend had this to say. “ Growing up because obviously we are the last of the 90s babies so they had a lot of heros in those games and a lot of funny and adventurous feelings to them. There’s a lot to do with nostalgia and childhood heroism”. This a valid reason as many to most of the PS2 users were either the new wave of a new generation or those old enough to have played the PS1 and continue to support. Nostalgia is a key factor when it comes to most things, so it is no different when it comes to video games. Nostalgia is the reason some games even last as long as they do because they don’t want to get rid of that memory or believe it will continue to bring those feelings back. PS2 was the most successful with that and overall sales and statistical categories. This is what and why the PS2 will be and is currently the best console of all time.

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