College Decision Making Factors at Bloomsburg University

Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania has quite the history which has made it the respected institution it is today. According to, it was established as a “literary academy” in 1839. Most notably is when it became a college in 1960 called Bloomsburg State College. 20 years later, in 1983, it became the university we know and love as Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania. Throughout these years, Bloomsburg University has grown in numbers and according to, has expanded its 366 acres campus to be what it is today. When deciding on which college to attend, there are many factors to think about. Factors like what education is offered along with enrollment size, tuition costs, and the graduation rate are important things to consider when choosing a college to enroll to. This article will be all about those factors at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania.

Bloomsburg University has four different colleges: College of Education, College of Liberal Arts, College of Science and Technology, and Zeigler College of Business. According to “Fast Facts” on the Bloomsburg University website,, “56 undergraduate programs and more than 58 minors along with 20 graduate programs, including a doctorate in audiology and nursing practice” is offered here.  Also, according to, of the 2018-2019 academic year, Bloomsburg University had an enrollment of 8,924 students including undergraduate students, transferred in students, and graduate students that are interested in the education offered here.


Graduating senior majoring in Speech Pathology Marisa Russo thinks “it was interesting but beneficial going to a school with almost 10,000 people because it was big but not that big. If I went into the library on a weekday,” she continued, “I usually wouldn’t see anyone that I knew personally. If I went to a bar in town on Friday night, I would see several familiar faces. I also liked how my major seemed to be small and because of that I was able to have the same people and make friendships in every class and have study partners.”

Another factor to consider when checking out colleges is the tuition. Tuition is dependent on the students’ degree and credits. Tuition at Bloomsburg University varies by whether the student lives in Pennsylvania or not. If the student’s home address is in Pennsylvania, the tuition is cheaper.


Nick Guarnaccia, alumni since 2018, said of the tuition costs he experienced was that “Bloomsburg is one of the cheapest PA state colleges as far as tuition goes. I did know a few people that lived right over the bridge in New Jersey and had to pay the out-of-state tuition, which was way more than in-state. But I think expensive out-of-state tuition is possible at any school. Definitely so if you’re from New Jersey because you’re almost bound to pay it because of the limited colleges in the state.”

One of the other many things to consider is graduation rate.  According to, the “official four-year graduation rate for students attending public colleges and universities is 33.3%.” In 2018-2019, Bloomsburg’s four-year graduation rate was 37.5%.


It might seem low at first, but considering that the official number is lower, makes it not so bad. Also, graduation rates can vary from year to year depending on the situation.

Choosing a college to attend for four years seems like a pretty difficult decision to make when you are only a teenager and just trying to survive high school. Going through these factors of each university is very crucial to think about during the decision-making process to make it easy. Deciding to go to Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania is a great choice and if it works out, one that will not be regretted!


Websites for the information found on the infographics can be found here, and here.

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