Motivational Purpose Only (MPO)

                     Motivational Purposes Only (MPO) is a clothing brand, built on love and unity. The idea of was peached to me by one of my closest friends in high school, but at the time I wasn’t sure if we would be able to execute his idea successfully. To start off I was enthusiastic about the plan, but I saw how much he was dedicated and committed to his plan and was quiet inspiring. Through his commitment for the brand I was able to build faith. I finally gave in to his idea and my first suggest was to create a website and a logo for the brand. The photo above was the logo we came up with at the time.  The purpose of MPO is to motivate and inspire the younger generation. We create and design clothing for our customers at a very affordable price.  We are on the verge of expanding our brand as we recently just lunched our female collection. Our fashion sense has been well appreciated by our customers and also our community as they continue to show their support to the brand.

                      Motivational Purposes Only (MPO) is a local up and coming brand located in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. We currently lack in sponsorship, media presence and funding. MPO have a great amount of folks on board that are truly dedicated to the growth of the company. This summer we planned on hosting a fundraising event in Philadelphia. We are also currently working on improving our website, making it as easy and comfortable as possible for our customers. With faith and perseverance anything is possible, this clothing line project made me a firm believer of that. We started the company when were juniors in high school, I remember a lot of people laughed at us, telling us we have no chance on going big with this clothing brand. Even though we aren’t as we big as would like to be yet but compare to how we started off I would say have done a hell of a job. MPO is a well know clothing brand in Philadelphia and Delaware county area. With the help of some of my friends I am trying to bring the same impact here at Bloomsburg University.  There is no limit to how big we want to expand this brand and mostly are reviews from customers are often. Demands for merchandise here in Bloomsburg are on the rise as well. We try to set various objectives for ourselves, and there is never an excuse we don’t rest until each goals and objectives are accomplish. Complement is not in our dictionary; we don’t believe in taking time off either; here are some of our objectives.

           Objective #  upgrade our notoriety all over Philadelphia and all the county’s around that area by December 31st, 2020

We want to be well known; we would love to start by declaring ourselves in our hometown before taking it anywhere else. Our goal is to one day be in competition with the top clothing brands in the world right now.                                                           

         Objective #2    create a high maintenance and easy access website for our customers by June 1st, 2020

We want to own a website that can be easily access by our customers. Grant them the ultimate luxury of viewing or merchandise at their comfort.

        Objective #3    improve on our clothing collection. Provide our customers variety options of clothing by September 20th, 2020

We would love to provide our customers with different options of clothing. We would also love to lunch and establish our female collection.

     Objectives #4   increase fundraising profit by 100% by November 3rd, 2020

    Especially for non-profit organization fundraisers are very important. Increasing the amount of money raised gives us the opportunity to expand our brand.

               It is truly unbelievable the things you can accomplish with commitment and dedication. I am guilty of a nonbeliever the very first time the idea was peach to me. The vision and faith weren’t there for me at the time apparently my friend Moise had it all vision in his mind. All he needed was a team of individuals he could trust to carry out his dream with him. We have accomplished a lot of things we thought was impossible since we started this movement. A lot of things have changed since we started this movement, expectation grew higher, merchandise demand increase, merchandise quality improved, fan base expanding our next goal is to be verified on all social media platform. This brand has changed my life as well, I am very well known around Philadelphia and Delaware county area as one of the owners for this organization. I really didn’t have to google for any additional information but i was able to interview my friend Moise and he told me “I’m very happy you changed your mind and team up with me because nothing was going to stop me from giving it a try and as you know I have been talking about owing a clothing brand since I was nine years old.” This has always been Moise dream so I foolish to doubt him in the beginning.

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