The Dark Side of Online Dating

Technology rules each and every one of our lives, our whole lives are connected to the phone that we carry with us everywhere. It contains our calendars, our closest friends, our favorite memories, our information source, it is our connection to the world around us. It only makes sense to add dating apps to the long list of things that our phone provides for us. Trying to find a significant other is hard and does not come easily for most people. Using dating apps makes all of that easier; it connects you directly to people who you are interested in and are interested in you. With all that convenience it would seem most logical to turn to dating apps however, there are some things that people need to be conscious of. Not everything on the internet is true and that includes some people’s dating profiles. 

About 71% of people who are on dating sites believe that other people are lying about their profiles to appear more attractive. It is definitely a fact that there are people on the internet whose account pictures do not match what they look like in real life. These days I do feel as though people should be aware of that and use every precaution before they meet someone online. We have all seen the show Catfish on MTV, it is a great television show about uniting couples who have met over the internet and most times it turns out one of the pair is not the person they portrayed on their profile. In the show they explain many techniques to use to make sure the person you are talking to over the internet is who they say they are. The major one is to video chat with them, add them on social media specifically Snapchat, google the name that they gave you, or you can image search a image they sent you. There are many options for people to make sure that their date is who they say they are.PI_2020.02.06_online-dating_0-7.pngPI_2020.02.06_online-dating_0-6.pngPI_2020.02.06_online-dating_0-5.png 

When online dating turns scary is when people do not do their research, agree to go on dates with someone they do not know, and do not take any precautions. 46% of adults say that online dating is not a safe way to meet someone, and 53% of women believe that it is not safe. You have to be extremely careful about meeting up with someone in real life that you met through the internet. They are strangers and you have to protect yourself first. There was a murder in July 2019, that involved a women who met a man on Tinder and he ended up murdering her. There was another case; The Grace Millane case, Grace Millane went on a Tinder date with a man and he ended up strangling her in her hotel room. He then continued on and went on other dates with women who he met through Tinder. I asked my friend what she thought about online dating and these two cases mentioned above. She said, “online dating is safe if you do it safely, meet the date in a public place, share your location and your dates information with a trusted friend, and drive yourself to the date.” I think that all of these tips are great for people who are going to try online dating. If all of these precautions are met then you are sure to have a great time on a date with someone you met online.  I also asked my mom about online dating because she met my step-dad online. My mom said, “I think that online dating is fine, you can meet some really great people, you just have to keep yourself safe”. Seems like this is the general consensus of people that online dating is okay as long as you are safe about it.  

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