Online Dating, The Pros and Cons.

Online dating comes with its pros and cons, for the most parts Americans don’t usually end up ever being in a relationship from an online date hookup. College students and middle aged Americans are most often the ones to have these online dating profiles, “according to a Pew Research Center” as stated in the reports above, people either have a bad experience or end up never meeting the person again. Most of the time the reasons related to a failed online date are, harassment, users lying about their appearance or even lifestyle, and potentially some users may have an aggressive nature which lead to violent acts.

Let us break it down. When it comes to harassment people through online dating apps or site seem to usually come off a bit more direct and may speak a certain way or request things that may violate another person. Many females have been victims of sexual assaults, violent acts, and even catfishes and vise versa to men. Some people portraying fake identities will often create a profile and target users who usually are more vulnerable. The hook ups tend to lead to sexual harassments and even other terrible violent acts. If you are looking to create an online dating profile you may want to think twice, using high measures security and self control can save you from getting forced into something you may not want to get involved in and potentially save your life.

In my opinion online dating is not worth the risk. At the end of the day, for the most part you will never truly know when someone is being genuine or lying about their identity, therefore its best to just play it safe!

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