Online Dating: Infographic Analysis

If there has ever been a time for online dating, today in the 21st Century is the perfect places to start! With internet on a world wide scale, increase in social media apps and thousands of users per day flooding the services,  the perfect storm is there for online dating.

Personally, I would love to see if the statistics if online dating rose during the COVID-19 pandemic or not, with everyone secluded in their own homes and maybe looking for a new lover (that and because divorce/breakup rates have increased due to Social Separation).

What I did not find very surprising was that the younger age bracket (18-29) was the most open to online dating and has tried it (PI_2020.06_onlinedating02). I’m sure there is still a technology barrier between the 30-49 club and the young adults, but obviously when the 50+ age bracket appears, technology savviness disappears. I did not find it surprising that the number of African Americans, Hispanic and White ratio was close to the same number of users- everyone uses it as equally.

The one infographic I did find interesting was the dating and success of the LGBT community and how they are more likely to find a match or committed relationship. I guess, it makes sense. Not to make anyone feel terrible but to show sympathy, the LGBT community already has a feeling that they don’t fit in the real world so turning to a platform where they can be open and transparent might just be a good thing for them to do. Their success shows that online dating can inspire and help those in need of someone special.

Statistics and surveys showed that women have had worse interactions on dating apps (whether it be through the dating experience, abused in the direct message department and/or felt sexual threatened. It makes sense since there are more hormone driven guys on dating apps compared to the number of women on the apps. This would automatically mean a higher chance of a bad encounter with a man online. However, one of the statistics shares that the abuse comes against younger women on dating sites.

“Not to sound out of place, but don’t women typically go after older men?” Taylor, a college student speaking in regards to this statistic. Admittingly, she discussed the thought of a “sugar daddy” appeals to women. If that is the case, setting an age range to look for (which you can do on many dating apps, would but younger women in a higher percentage chance of connecting with someone older preying or offending them over the web.

Kevin, a student at Penn State suggests that “online dating is about as successful as what these statistics say they are.” He does not believe that it is meant for the long term purpose and is more of that casual hook up. Kevin also points out that the dating apps are more about making a business than making connections. “The best sites offer different plans, and even though I have used and paid for them, it was a waste of time and too pricey to not get something in the end.”

I personally don’t find the idea of online dating successful or care to much about it. Just like many people my age (the 18-29 range), I have used dating apps and have been pleased/ moderate about how it turns out. It is a great way to meet new people and connect but as far as seeing the big picture – not too many people want to see the big picture. A reason why marriage rates using dating app percentages are in the early-teens(^12%). 

A lot of these statistics lead to these conclusions: The more technology grows and the more younger generations that grow up, the more online dating apps will be used. Though, they are not relatively successful or the purposes of serious relationship, you will still see some upsides in having these services around. Maybe, one day, there will be a revolution in online dating, but as far as what we have seen from the infographics, this is not that time in history.

The concept and statistics were interesting for this project. I hope the examples and quotations were enough to set the tone for how people feel about online dating vs statistics. It was hard to get someone to talk during the current time period of self-isolation, especially about the subject of dating. The stats and ideas above are stuff I personally found interesting and are what the best story is in the infographics.

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