COVID-19 Outbreak

The corona virus is sweeping the nation. Our daily lives have changed drastically in the last couple months. We cannot gather, festivals are cancelled, stay at home orders are in place, sports are cancelled, school is online, the economy is crashing, and people are out of jobs. This pandemic has single handedly effected the lives of everyone around the world. Everyone must stay at home and be quarantined with those who live in your household. To go out you must wear a mask and enter grocery stores alone. Everything we did on a daily basis has changed. The little things we took for granted changed.

This COVID- 19 pandemic started in China and quickly began to spread to Italy and the United States. This has caused a huge travel ban. It has been a largely debated problem especially in politics between the democratic and republican parties. 94% of Democrats say it was necessary to restrict international travel to the US. While 95% of Republicans say it was necessary to cancel major sporting and entertainment events. Overall, the total percentage of necessary steps to address the corona virus outbreak has been over 70% between both parties.

A third of Americans say someone in their household say someone in their household has lost a job due to the Corona Virus. 20% of people have been laid off or lost their job. While 27% had to take a pay cut. Ages 18-29 took the hardest hit with 24% of people being completely laid off. This also effects those upcoming college graduates who will now struggle to find a job post-graduation. According to Pew research center 39% of those ages 18-29 have had to take a pay cut. The corona virus is destroying people’s incomes. Lower income individuals also took a hard hit when it came to being laid off. 26% suffered opposed to the 12% of upper income individuals.

One of the biggest problems withing the corona virus pandemic is that some people are not taking it seriously. Some people are still going out not wearing masks, gathering in crowds, and not wearing masks or taking sanitary precautions. 27% of people are not taking the outbreak seriously enough, whole 26% are overreacting to the pandemic. That leaves 46% of people reacting the correct way to the virus outbreak based on in your community. Overall, 40% of people across the country are not taking the outbreak seriously. That’s almost half of the country’s population. If everyone would follow CDC guidelines it could potentially cut the time of the outbreak in half.

While doing extra resources on this COVID-19 pandemic, I decided to share my findings with both of my roommates to hear their opinion. We discussed the topic for about 20 minutes where I showed them the infographics I chose and shared the numbers with them. The biggest problem my roommate Emma had was that people are not taking this seriously. She related to that infographic and shared her thoughts with me. Emma is studying to enter into a health care career. She believes that people simply are not understanding the severity of this pandemic. She said to me “people think they can’t get the virus and that their invincible. They won’t realize until it’s too late.” I agreed with Emma and she said the percentages on the infographic were shocking to her and said she hopes people realize how bad this actually is.

My other roommate Kelsey also agreed with Emma and that people were not taking this seriously. Although she was most shocked with the unemployment rate. She didn’t realize how many people were actually becoming unemployed do to the virus. She also said “I never realized how people are age were effected so hard.” She found it interesting that the infographic showed different ages, races, and financial statues. Overall, she found all the infographics helpful and interesting.

It is no joke that the Corona virus is sweeping our world. I found the infographics very helpful and interesting. Sometimes you don’t realize how serious something is until it is literally a picture in front of you. Having an infographic to look at rather than just reading a bunch of words grabs your attention more. Overall, it was very helpful and interesting to learn more about.

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