Coronavirus vs. Politics: How will we overcome this pandemic?

            The coronavirus is an ongoing issue within our country and world that has affected billions of people.  We revolve our lives around this virus. Trying to keep safe, healthy, and sanitary.  Of course, we had to do this because of how quickly the virus could spread but it is also leaving a huge impact on our country’s mental health, economy, and politics.  Yes, you read that right, politics. Politics are brought into most issues naturally but this time, it is being used an advantage, to many, due to the 2020 presidential election occurring in November of 2020.  Unfortunately, our nation can’t just come together to support each other and help reduce the risk of this virus potentially spreading even more. Now not only do we turn on the tv to see the heartbreaking news of many getting sick or dying, we see politics and who likes who and how this and that should be done instead.  We need to see the reality of what should be our main focus and put that into perspective but that’s not how people and the media see this. Will we make it if we keep putting politics before this pandemic? Throughout this post, you will see a variety of charts that all have to do with politics, even if it is not an issue that should relate to politics.

            In the graphic below, we see that there is a concern for the economy, health population, financial solution, and personal health.  The Pew Research Center wanted to analyze the main concerns that millions of Americans have. (All graphs in this article is from the Pew Research Center)  According to the article, Coronavirus: Why systemic problems leave the U.S. at risk, they state “As the coronavirus spreads across the US, tens of millions of Americans may not seek medical help either because they are uninsured or undocumented. That puts everyone in society at greater risk” (Maqbool, 2020). We know that these concerns are present within the United States, but we didn’t talk about these issues occurring. This is the first time I have seen the concern for this issue arise. If this would be discussed, it would be a political argument. The point I wanted to highlight within this infographic is that it is grouped by Republicans versus Democrats and each parties’ concerns. This is odd to me because it makes no sense that they have to list this versus that. Why can’t it be one general survey that we have showcasing our biggest issues and the amount of concern for each.  I feel this is just making one party look like they care more than the other about certain issues.

Continuing on, we can find another chart talking about the Democrats opinions on if people are taking the pandemic serious or not.  Well, if the media was realistic and focused on what is important instead on what this one or that one thinks, it may be taken more seriously.  While looking at the chart, you can see that this is again what the Democrats and Republicans think.  The problem is, not everyone is a Democrat and not everyone is a Republican.  There are people who don’t chose a side.  So here, we are just leaving out their opinions and thoughts.  This is unfair. Everyone should have a voice especially when it comes to a global pandemic that is life threatening to millions of individuals and is impacting every single person’s life in some way.  Everyone deserves to be heard and this is not allowing that to happen. 

These posts about what the Republicans think and the Democrats think should realistically be what medical professionals think.  These are the people are experiencing how this virus is taking a toll on the nation.  They are on the front line fighting to save lives everyday but we are more concerned about the Republicans and Democrats are saying.  If this wasn’t an election year, I personally don’t feel we’d pay as much of an attention to what they say.  In the charts below, we see that there are a number of people who are giving their opinion based on the “excellent/good job” groups of people are doing such as the CDC, state elected officials, local elected officials, ordinary people in your community, the news media, and Donald Trump.  Again, we see a lot of this turns into politics on who are looking at to do a “good job” but also the votes are based on political parties.  Why? Because that is what people are caring about at the moment.  It is unfair. We should be listening to our medical professionals and the people who have spent years upon years studying and learning about these different diseases, viruses, etc. These are the people who are trying to express the best options for us.  Now I am not saying they are all right of course.  There are so many different options, ideas, and opinions you will hear especially when it comes to the media. The point I am making is that these are people who have gone to school and studied all of this yet we are listening to what politicians have to say and only seeing the opinions based on Republicans and Democrats. 

Lastly, in the chart below, we see it is about how the political parties are approving how Trump is doing his job.  They are showing that it is the highest it has been in three years.  This is something that really shows how politics is a huge part of what we are hearing about the virus. This is important that Trump is doing something but why is this a focus? The take away of this whole article is that politics are really playing a roll in the coronavirus where our main focus needs to be how can we help slow the spread and try and keep us safe and healthy while figuring how we can return back to our everyday lives.


Ashley Parker, J. D. (2020, March 31). Both public health and politics played a role in Trump’s                 coronavirus decision. Retrieved April 29, 2020, from    /politics /both-public-health-and-politics-played-a-role-in-trumps-coronavirus-decision/2020/03/30/f2 912acc-729e-11ea-a9bd-9f8b593300d0_story.html

Maqbool, A. (2020, March 13). Coronavirus: Why systemic problems leave the US at risk. Retrieved April 29, 2020, from

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