Italy Coronavirus Outbreak

This infographic would be placed after paragraph 2 of the Italy Coronavirus story because that is where the story because to explain how terrible the death tolls really became and what awful things had to be done just to keep up with the count of dead bodies each day…
This infographic would be placed after paragraph 11 of the story because that is where the story mentions that some are still unsure about this whole virus and some even said it was like the normal flu until the numbers began to show different…
This infographic would be placed after paragraph 19 of the story as paragraphs 17, 18, and 19 all discuss what is shown in this infographic.

For these infographics, I pretty much began as I usually would but before I started them, I really read through the story about the Italy Coronavirus Outbreak and took the most important chunks of the story that I thought were essential and split them up into three different subjects for three individual infographics. I used the program to complete all three of the infographics as the templates they had really got me going with each topic and made it easier to fill in the information from the story as I go. I began with a template for each infographic as always but they changed drastically by the time I was done filling in all my information. The elements of the story that really caught my attention were all the death numbers that were given and how terrible this coronavirus really is. Individuals are unable to grieve their loved ones properly and it is a very hard time for some people to live in. I tried to enhance the important points with my infographics by really emphasizing the numbers and scaring viewers into seeing how serious the epidemic could still become if we don’t get serious.

I researched the topic for a short period after reading the story just to see the total number of deaths worldwide to compare to the numbers in Italy and also to see how the numbers have changed since this story was released. Looking it up on Google is the best way to get numbers that I know of because the number changes every second as it does in real life. It took me about 2 hours to create all three infographics about the story and put full detail into making them grab the world’s attention. My design process began by choosing a good paragraph or two to work with and then adding the information from those paragraphs to my infographics but in a more visually appealing way. You could do this with bold text, images, and even graphs to display data and proof of how terrible this is truly getting. I stuck with the same color scheme for each individual infographic and was very pleased with how each individual one came out.

Reference: Barry, Colleen, and Luca Bruno. “Italy’s Virus Epicenter Grapples with Huge Toll, Some Hidden.” Associated Press, 20 Mar. 2020.

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