In Remembrance of Al Worden

In Remembrance

This graphic would go under the first paragraph of the source. The intro highlights how he suffered a stroke recently, as well as some of his accomplishments and where he graduated. While the graphic doesn’t mention his stroke, it informs the viewer of his early life and what he did before working for NASA.


This timeline graphic would go under the second paragraph, which includes a focus on the dates of the missions and what roles he played. The timeline also mentions his hall of fame inductions, which is later mentioned in the fourth paragraph. This could be a good preface for that part of the source. This timeline focuses on his work for NASA as well as his inductions to illustrate what an important role he played in the Apollo missions and how respected he is among other astronauts.

Interesting Facts

Since these facts are spread out through the source, I think it would be best to put it at the end as a good wrap up. The world record is something that a lot of people might not know about Al.


Rather than using the Associated Press source, I found another article on Al Worden’s passing from I had a hard time thinking of ways to translate the information from the AP article into graphics, so I used this one since it covers a broad range of information from his life. I didn’t want the graphics to focus solely on his death since it’s a depressing event, so instead I focused on the incredible things that he accomplished during his life. The font I used was Serif Hand Black. I created the graphics on both Photoshop and PowerPoint. The images and colored icons were obtained through a free image sharing website. I enjoyed creating these graphics a lot more than some of the previous assignments; it was interesting to learn about such a brilliant man who contributed so heavily to the field of space science.



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