Al Worden & Apollo 15

I picked the article about Al Worden and his journey with NASA and Apollo 15. I used Canva once again to create my infographics this week. My first infographic I think could be placed at the beginning or the middle of the article, maybe after paragraph 9 to help clarify the order of his life events. My second infographic could also be placed anywhere in the article, as it is just an informative graphic about Al and his life with NASA. My third and final infographic gives a few facts about the Apollo 15 mission, and I believe this might be best placed after paragraph 4 since that is where the actual mission is explained as well as the crew members involved. I liked this weeks assignment because I enjoyed making simple infographics that all tied together and that were all designed in a similar way. I like they way mine turned out with the simple contrast of black and the cream color I chose for the text. Any outside information I got was found through wikipedia as well.

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