Everybody’s Favorite- Kaaaatya!

For the media and entertainment infographic I did not know where to start nor could I pick a topic to focus on. Being stuck in my house I have been watching a lot of different shows and recently got sucked into RuPaul’s Drag Race. I did not want to focus on the show as a whole because I wasn’t certain on how to narrow down the information, so I decided to focus on one of my favorite queens from the show, Katya. I know Katya from her various shows she has on her YouTube channel and the ones she does with Trixie. For this graphic I decided to focus on her career highlights because her start to where she is now is from Drag Race.

I got my information from all of Katya’s social media platforms as well as my own knowledge of her career. I did a quick Google search to see what other projects she has done and that brought me to her own webpage.

I used Canva to create this graphic and I started from scratch. I decided to keep it mostly plain because I knew I wanted to incorporate pictures of Katya herself. I created the bar chart of her followers on Canva as well as her timeline of career highlights. I included some clipart from Canva to keep the eye moving on the graphic. I decided to use deep red and pink because Katya is known for her dark-side yet feminine looks. Overall this only took me two hours max.

For the pictures and more information I got from the trixieandkatya site talking about their show “UNHhhh” on YouTube as well as Katya’s own site. https://www.trixieandkatya.com/ https://www.welovekatya.com/

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