HBO TV Series: Game of Thrones

G.pngFor this info graph, I decided to do it on the popular HBO TV series Game of Thrones. This is basically an info graph for someone that hasn’t seen the show so it can peak their interest and hopefully make them want to watch the show. It shares general information with no spoilers except for the death statistics. It’s like a warning there will be deaths and to not get too attached to characters. I also felt it was important to share the cast. When looking for new shows I like to see who I know that’s gonna be in the show.

I’ve seen this show before so I knew a lot of the information but some of the info I had to look up so it only took about 20 minutes to research. It also took about 30 minutes to design. I chose these colors because they are dark and GOT is kind of a dark show.

To create it, I used Canva because I knew I wanted to use the TV to put the picture in for the title. I used excel to create the bar graph.

I got my information from this website. I got the bar graph information and statistical info from this website.

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