The Affects of Music Therapy

When creating this infographic, I was actually really interested in seeing the research and results of how well music really works as therapy. Music has always been a sense of therapy for me but I never realized the actual health benefits. I used the program to create it as it is my favorite program to use and it is the most essential for adding symbols and colors of pop to your infographic! I used a template to follow when beginning my design but by the end of creating it, it was pretty personalized except for the circles for the graph to fit in.

I began my research on the topic of music therapy by first researching all about it. I found there are many health benefits and acts of therapy used my specialists all over the world. It took me about 30 minutes to completely research the topic and then about an hour and half to create my infographic. I made sure to add a lot of detail to this infographic (including symbols like music notes) because it does display a lot of text compared to other infographics I have made. My design process went well and pretty much went in the order of; making the graphs, placing them, adding additional information next to the graphs, and then organizing and decor. Detail is my favorite part of the design as I feel it is simple to look at yet pleasing with the couple of music notes and bright green colors!

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