Sunny Days: A walk down Sesame Street

Sesame Street (1)


For this assignment I wanted something different, something that would make you go “OH, that’s neat!” I was recently reading an article about Sesame Street celebrating their 50th anniversary back in November of 2019. That got me thinking about just how influential those puppets, I mean “Muppets,” really are. They have been around for such a long time and covered many controversial topics. They’ve been helping children learn how to cope with situations since 1969.

I again used Canva for this project taking advantage of the free graphics available. I went online and tried to find a color palette associated with the show. Once I had that I chose to stick primarily to those colors. I tried to incorporate as many Sesame Street elements I could. Some of my numbers are made out of Sesame Street puzzle numbers. I stuck characters throughout the piece and made it feel like they were telling the information.

One of my favorite elements was under the “120 countries” I placed different countries that feature the show. I am also very proud of my heading; it was created to mimic the Sesame Street sign with an added sunshine because of the show’s theme song.

I am very proud of this piece and the information I provided. It was really cool to see all the information on Sesame Street. This beloved TV show will be around for many years to come. Below you can find my sources.






Puzzle Numbers –

Zoe –

Big Bird –

Cookie Monster –

Elmo –

Count –

Rosita –

Bert n Ernie –

Controversies –

Statistics –


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