News Media History and Trends

News Infographic

For this inforgraphic I wanted to give an overview on when the most well known and larger news outlets were founded. It’s interesting to see the progression of news over time and which one has been around the longest.

For the newspapers, I originally was only going to have the New York Times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune and LA Times, but decided to add more after discovering that the Associated Press was founded even before NYT. I decided to go back and add some of the earliest American newspapers, even highlighting the bigger and more well-known Pennsylvanian newspapers. As the timeline shows, the Philadelphia Inquirer and Pittsburgh Post-Gazette are both quite old, and what is odder is how the Pittsburgh paper is older than the Philadelphia paper. I was also going to include the Williamsport Sun-Gazette, because that one is also in this time frame, but I ran out of room.

I then did a timeline for television news, showing the “Big Three” and later two, CNN and Fox News. The timeline shows how old CBS is compared to its counterparts, which is kind of interesting to examine. Personally, I don’t really think news, or high quality, hard hitting news from CBS and ABC. CBS seems old and boring and ABC and news don’t fit together for me.

Finally, I included some basic stats. I should have cited the ratings, I think they were from Adweek or Newsy. The ratings seem to remain the same most of the time. The top 5 subscriptions I took from Wikipedia, so that may not be the most up to date or accurate, but I think paints a fairly decent picture of the current trends.

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