Hawaii Five-0

Hawaii Five-0

For this weeks infographic I choose to research and create one on the show Hawaii Five-0. I choose this topic because it recently just finished airing the final episode of the last season in the 2010 reboot series. My sister and I have been watching this show together and have love it. I started from a blank infographic and inserted all the text and graphics. I picked to focus on the blues color scheme as I always think of the beach when I think of the show and blue is a fitting beach color. Since I haven’t seen an episode in the original series of this show I decided to research when the first series was aired vs. the second series along with which actors played Steve and Danno who are the two main guys. I also was curious if each series had a similar amount of episodes so I decided to visualize that in my infographic.


All of my information was found on the following websites: 



Picture were found on the following websites:




Hawaii Five-0: James MacArthur Dies at 72; Farewell “Danno” Williams

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