Greenery for the Soul: Best houseplants for each room

Room-by-Room Guide to Housepants (1)


One of my passions has always been gardening, whether it was flowers with my Nana or maintaining my houseplants. Plants in general are so important to our ecosystems and our everyday lives. So for this assignment I chose to highlight some of the best houseplants to have in each room of your house.

I chose to use Canva again; I feel this program is a great tool to master. I originally was going to use a template but decided to trash the first one. For the rooms I chose to use the four main areas of the house: bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living room. Obviously the plants I chose are not the only options so you can certainly do your own research to find the best fit for you.

My layouts include photos of each room, making sure they cohesively fit. I decided to include both real photos along with a graphic version of the plants for an added touch. Each section includes the recommended room, health benefits of each plant, and the amount of maintenance required. At first the white text got a little lost so I added a copied version behind it to create a shadow. I had to play around with this multiple times but I feel I got the right fit. I enjoyed the project a lot. It allowed me a chance to highlight one of passions.

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