Critical Condition


This week I chose to do something on animals, notably the critically endangered ones. As I found out, there is many different levels of endangered. This is discussing the level: “critical”.

Now, I am all for people that want to raise awareness and have no issues with being out spoken. I think it is a good thing to show people caring! The Amur Leopard is what I would call critical. Research shows only roughly 84 left in existence. That’s not a very large number and would love to see that in protection and enforced by law. However, the Orangutan puzzles me. For only spanning a continent and a half, 10,000 seems like a fairly large number.

Yes, this poster is to raise awareness, and I focused more on the ocean because my back up major was Marine Biology – but I think we can sit back and examine the numbers and realize somethings are also overhyped. Whether in politics, religion or social activism, the media has a way of making things seem worse than they are.

I am glad to raise awareness for animals like the Amur Leopard because I would like to see these animals continue on when my children and future generations are born. I think this is a good reason to research facts and evidence!

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