For this Infographic I used I decided to use a template for this design above, but I ended up heavily modifying it tome my own. Canva is highly recommended for making any kind of graphic and is always enjoyable to use.

To research this topic I went to the official to get all the information need about corona virus. Because this information was on a .gov website it took about 10 minutes to research all the information I needed to tell about corona virus.

As far as design goes, I used a sketchy looking heading text to make viewers feel on edge to understand the importance of the situation (I want to enjoy my summer, Please maintain social distancing guidelines America). I chose the colors red orange yellow mostly to show the severity and show caution within viewers that this pandemic is no joke and should be taken seriously.

My layout stays the same as usual, I approach everything with a readers approach, which is let to right, top to bottom.

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