Ronald Regan: 40th President of U.S.A


To create this infographic, I used Powerpoint. I created it from scratch and got a picture of the American flag and made it the background and moved up the transparency of it so words could be seen on it. I also added the picture of Ronald Regan and made the bar graph in Excel. I inserted the logos from Powerpoint.

It took me a while to research the topic and figure out what to do it on. I ended up choosing to do the project on Ronald Regan because he was for some reason the first president I thought of besides the ones that I’ve been around for and know a little about, like Trump, Obama, Bush, and Clinton. I wanted to do someone from years ago that I didn’t know much about. This assignment was difficult for me because I have no clue about anything politics or what anything means. I decided to research key things about him and important things that anyone, like me, can understand. For example, his party, how much the campaign cost, and what experience he had before he ran. Basic things to know about a candidate before researching more. I also made a graph to show the votes where he won his first term as President.

I knew I wanted it to be very U.S.A and patriotic so the color choices are red, white, and blue. I even made the bar graph correspond to the presidential candidates party colors!

I like making infographics on Powerpoint more than Canva because of the freedom to put things. I still am having an issue with fitting things. Some other info I wanted to put in the infographic I couldn’t because it wasn’t going to fit so I have to work on it.

I got my info from this website.

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