President Trump: Comparing states & Finances

I chose to do my Infographic on trump again because he is up for re-election soon and handling a great load of work right now for our country.

I used to create my infograph. I also started from scratch once again, as always makes it super easy and user friendly to create these infographs.

I did not need to do much research for this Infographic because all of the answers were available using google. Finding research about a high profile person and the president of the United States does not require in depth research because the information is in an abundant, so it took me nearly 15 minutes to get the information I needed.

Because I started from scratch on my inforgraphic, it took me about an hour and a half to design it. I choose a color scheme of presidential colors and colors that represented democracy, our flag, and our country. I kept all of the fonts simple and bold making it easy for the viewer to read. I have noticed a trend in my design pattern and notice that top to bottom seems to be easiest to read and displays a clean look to my infographics.

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