Democratic Candidates 2020

For this assignment I decided to focus on the Democratic candidates for the 2020 election. I decided to focus on Biden and Sanders because they have two different campaigns and two different ideas on how to run the country. I decided to compare their policies as well as look at their main donors. Bernie Sanders runs his campaign without the help from billionaires, he even returned contributions from one when they donated. I thought this just further proved that he is for the people, and he will not change that regardless of what is offered to him. Although Sanders is popular amongst younger voters, he is trailing in the race. I decided to include this in the infographic as well. I received my information from various sites:
In order to make the infographic I used Canva again as well as a template. This time I decided to change the colors to red and blue to go along with the theme. I added a clipart directly from Canva and as for my pictures and table dealing with policies I got them here:
Overall, this assignment took me about two hours to complete.

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