Top Female Artists from the United States

For this infographic assignment, I chose to map out where some of the top female artists now and of all time live throughout the United States. I was actually surprised by how many artists, male and female are actually from places around the United States and there were way more than I could mention in this infographic. I decided to choose some of my favorites female artists and also ones that I know everyone will recognize. I used the program to create this infographic but it definitely wasn’t the easiest way to create a map infographic. I tried to look for a United States map template that would work well with my infographic but almost every map needed to be paid for. I ended up finding this really artist and colorful U.S. map template and I only had to pay $1 for it!

I researched my topic of top female artist from the U.S. for about 20 minutes before I chose the seven females I was going to go with. I then began creating my infographic and that is when things got a little more complicated. After finally finding the map template that I chose, I began adding the photos of the artists. As I added each image, the map template would move around and it was very difficult to control where things were placed. This was frustrating for me because I am very much a perfectionist.

My design process started with the colors red, white and blue to represent the United States but matching an image of each artist became difficult as I continued creating my infographic. I chose to use the same font choice throughout my entire infographic as it was simple and didn’t take away from the U.S. map that tends to go into the background. I also chose to keep my arrows the same as they crossed over the map itself and I thought too many color choices on the arrows would distract from the map template.

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