Healthcare Issues In America

When first thinking of an idea to use for this infographic, I thought of everything going on in the world right now and what individuals without Healthcare could possibly be going through. Being able to get medical care is extremely important when it comes to contracting the Coronavirus and for some, that might not be as easy as it is for others. As always, I used the program Canva to create this infographic because I have become completely comfortable using it and I am learning more and more I can do every time I create a new one. I used a template to create the background and set up of my infographic but all the images, graphs, charts, and small stamps were added from scratch by me. There is nothing I necessarily dislike about the Program Canva other than it being sort of difficult to navigate at first. I truly enjoy using this program and could see myself using it in the future for other reasons besides this course.

I researched this topic by first searching it on google and getting to know more about it as I didn’t know much to begin with. I found out that healthcare is truly an issue we deal with in America and over 1 million people suffer catastrophic medical events. Due to this issue, some individuals face a lifetime of disability. It took me about 25 minutes to fully research the topic and know enough about it to create an infographic. It probably took about an hour to create the infographic itself as I added a lot of small detail and needed to fit things in the small boxes provided from the set up of my infographic. My design process started with a color scheme of blues and greens and then I went from there. I added images to the background of the boxes that were tinted to match the color scheme. I added graphs that also incorporated the color scheme and fitted well within each box. Overall, I think the design of this infographic came out really well and I would say this is my best infographic so far.


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