US and it’s poverty

For this infographic, I decided to talk about the US and some of it’s darker sides. The poorest states of all of the united states. There are only 10 shown (including Puerto Rico which is apart of the Us but not an official state) and it’s poverty rate percentages. It goes in depth of the rates of the top 10 and by how much. To create this infographic, I used Adobe Photoshop, I used the skills I gained from this and previous courses to make everything here, even the picture of the US and the states colored I cut out and edit it myself. The graphic visualizes the states and shows where on the map there are located at, including a chart to show the differences in percentages, and also a key to name the states that are included in this list and etc. The colors, fonts, and format of the infographic was simple overall so all people can read and be attracted to look at it and even share it.


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