THON Infographic

THON Infographic-2.png

For this infographic pertaining to money and economics, I chose to go the route of raising money for a cause, rather than companying’s collecting it so I chose THON. I immediately thought to do something like this because it is more meaningful and costs and money as a whole is something that really bothers me, especially when looking at these numbers.

I used Canva for this specific infographic and I think that it was a really good choice. Since this one was supposed to be a longer vertical type layout, it worked out with all of the great templates they have to offer. This was actually my favorite one to make to date and it took me about 45 minutes. Since Canva has become easier for me to work with now that I am used to it, I could’ve gone quicker but I started having a lot of fun with getting creative in the color scheming and design.

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