Public Relations Career and Median Salary

To design and create this infographic I used to design this infographic because they are always EXTREMELY user friendly and effective with work production. I did not use a template for this infographic, I decided to be artistic and try my creative ability based upon some of my linked-in learnings I have been doing. I choose a group of colors that all coordinated with eachother other in way or another.

When I researched this topic I went about it using google and going to a lot of established .com websites and .org websites to gather intel on what the average median careers salary was for each of these career positions. They were all roughly the same but differed mostly because of location and the type of firm or organization you may possibly be working for in these careers.

This topic didn’t take relatively too long compared to my infographic to do. The research is very available to find because this is a very established industry and the information is very present and handy. As for the infographic, this took a very long time to design and create because I did not use a template as mentioned above. I wanted to try out my graphic designing skills without the templates giving me a shortcut to creativity.

The design process was complicated at first because it was not templated, but after experimenting on how to put all this information on this narrow page I thought it would be best to break the infographic up into sections because the information began to look very cluttered without the lines. I choose a very bland background that wouldn’t be to bold in taking away from the information but enough to fill the void. I also implemented a color palette that I chose from which had complimentary colors to move the eye around the picture more frequently.


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