Medical Debt is the No. 1 cause of Bankruptcy in the U.S.

I decided to make this week’s infographic on healthcare in the United Sates because we are currently facing a pandemic that deals with healthcare. I also found it astonishing that many Americans are just one hospital visit or medical emergency (like a worldwide pandemic) away from bankruptcy. I decided to focus on the number of individuals who have health insurance and those who do not, and from there I decided to look at the cost of emergency room visits and urgent care visits. Without insurance, these visits can cost a lot of money, but the emergency room cannot turn patients away whereas urgent care can if someone cannot afford the payment. Of course, the emergency room visits cost more in the long run but again, without insurance many Americans do not have a choice but to go to the E.R., I got my information from three sources:
I used Canva to create my infographic and made my bar graph and table separately. I used a premade template on Canva and decided to keep the format and color scheme the same. I added pictures that Canva offered to relate to the theme. The entire process took me about to hours to create, the longest part was trying to find the information I wanted to include.

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