The Economic Impact of Pennsylvania Agriculture

Economic Impact of Pennsylvania Agriculture (2)

I love agriculture and I think that is apparent in my infographics that I have created thus far in the semester. For my economics and money infographic I decided to create my infographic on Agriculture Economic Impact in Pennsylvania. It was hard to narrow down what I wanted to include on my infographic at first, but after much time researching and evaluating details of information, I was able to narrow the broad information down. I found a report completed by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture and Team Pennsylvania that discusses the vast economic impact of agriculture in the Pennsylvania Commonwealth at Even after finding my information source, since there was so much information included on this report, I had a hard time narrowing down that information too. I decided to focus on multiple aspects of how agriculture impacts the Pennsylvania commonwealth’s economy.

I included a bar graph showing where agriculture is ranked in comparison to other sectors in Pennsylvania, following that I included a pie chart to show the Annual Wages and Salaries Supported in Pennsylvania Agriculture Direct Earnings, and finally included a pictogram showing that agriculture supports 1 out of every 10 jobs in Pennsylvania and a few symbols showing different factual information regarding agriculture supporting jobs, earnings, and outputs in Pennsylvania.

I created the infographic using Canva and chose to use an infographic template and ended up not really liking the presets it had when working through creating my infographic. I like the creativity and freeness that I have when creating from scratch that sometimes templates don’t allow for. For research it took me probably an hour and a half until I finally narrowed it down and for design and creation of the infographic, it took me approximately 4 hours here and there total until I came up with my final infographic. The design process was stressful at first and I guess this adds to why I like creating from scratch and not using templates, but I wanted to try something new. This time, I made my bar graph and chart directly on Canva, instead of creating them in Excel or another application like I have previously done for my infographics. I had to start over with my pie chart because some labeling text was not showing up and ended up being a resizing issue.

For pictures, I used the free pictures provided on Canva itself. I blurred each image by 4, just a little so that the image was still visible but that the text and graphs would be more easily seen. At first, I blurred only the top two images but to carry consistency through the infographic, I decided to blur all four images the same amount. I chose shades of blue, green, brown, and gray text and graphic colors that flowed well throughout the entire infographic and tied it together. I think the appropriate use of white space was used to separate the different parts of the infographic and the white font for the majority of the infographic kept it simple and professional.

Information Source:

Redding, R. C., & Unger, R. C. (2018, May). Pennsylvania Agriculture Economic Impact Analysis. Retrieved from

Pictures: Provided by Canva

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