Whiskey, Gin, & Rum… OH MY!

Distilleries jpeg

Throughout the United States, hard alcohol such as gin, vodka, and rum have become staple items in our households. Whether you’re making a toast at a wedding or throwing back shots for your 21st birthday, you’ve most likely come in contact with it. Breweries make beer but distilleries make the hard stuff. So I was curious: Just how many distilleries were in the United States?

For this topic I chose to use Google Sheets to create my map. I found my data here at Distilleries by State. I found out that the majority of distilleries are located in California, New York, and Washington state. Colorado and Texas fall shortly behind them. I chose to use a brown color scale to match the idea of whiskey, bourbon, etc. As you can see the ranges and colors are just a smidge off but unfortunately that is how Google Sheets creates the scale. It got kind of tedious at some points because I had to manually enter the data for all FIFTY states. Other than that I found this project fun and insightful.

My thought process at the beginning of this project was all over the place. I had no idea how I was going to create this sort of map but luckily I found the tools I needed in the readings. After seeing how many distilleries there are out there, I can’t wait to start exploring them.

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