Redbubble Sales in the US

For this assignment, I did the infographic based on me. I create designs and sell them on Redbubble. I have sold over 800 products including stickers, tshirts, tapestries and more. I just make the design, upload it and when someone purchases my design on the product of their choice, Redbubble will make it and ship it. I get a portion of the sale and Redbubble gets the rest. My infographic shows the states in the United States that I have sold my designs to. I have also sold designs to several other countries.

For this design, I actually used mapchart and then took the image and created the rest through Canva. I chose to keep the colors simple since it is mainly focused on the map. For the research part, I downloaded a csv file of all the sales I made on redbubble. (Redbubble provides the file) I then sorted the document alphabetically by state and filled in each state that I sold to. It was fairly simple but just took longer since I had over 800 sales to go through.

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