Wedding Venues in South Jersey

Are you looking for a beach wedding without the destination price? Look no further than South Jersey for your dream wedding. Through Google My Maps, I’ve created the perfect map of the best wedding venue hot spots in South Jersey.

The Google My Maps assignment was by far my favorite that we’ve done thus far in the semester. I love the concept behind this platform, and how accessible & useful it can be for a variety of people. With that being said, I dove head first into my topic.

I’ve always had a passion for weddings & event planning, and living in South Jersey the past four summers has opened my eyes to the number of unique venues in the area. (Fun Fact: I actually worked at one of the venues in my Google Map! See if you can guess which it is…) It was fun to let my passion and creative juices flow with this assignment. As far as research goes, I would consider myself to be pretty well read on most of the venues on my map.

In addition to my knowledge of South Jersey from being a “slocal” or summer local for the past four years, I am also my sister’s Maid of Honor for her upcoming 2021 wedding. Throughout her wedding planning process, I’ve been her seasoned, go-to girl for venue-hunting trips & opinions. In other words, I’ve physically been to and experienced eight out of twelve of the locations on my map. The map itself only took me a few hours to create and construct once my topic got off the ground. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t daydreaming of my dream wedding while completing this assignment.

If you or someone you know is planning a wedding, do yourself a favor and check out these venues! These locations are only about a two hour drive from Philadelphia, Pa.


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