Places to Eat and Drink in Montgomery County, PA

This particular assignment over the others was much more tedious and difficult. I felt with this one I could be creative in other ways, not just visually like the past topics. Although this was difficult, it was interesting to know that I could actually make my own GoogleMap just like this one!

I chose to do mine on Places to Eat and Drink in Montgomery County, PA which is where I am from. I did that not just to make it easy, but because I love home and the area I live in so much. I organized it so that it wasn’t just all basic restaurants, but favorite pubs, drink places, restaurants in all different styles and walks of life. These are just a few of the areas favorite and most talked about places in my world that I myself enjoy most very much.

I didn’t find any issues while using the program, but it definitely was a smaller workspace and it had to take a little getting used to for me. Once I got the hang of it, I became very familiar with it and showed it off to my friends that I myself had put that together on my own.

After writing about each of the 12 places I chose, it got tiring trying to think of new and creative things to say about them, but I think I gave them each their rightful words. This assignment wasn’t the easiest or least time consuming, but it was different in a good way!

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