Places to Eat in Bloomsburg PA.

I started to create my map in the beginning of the week and found myself dragging out the assignment in till Thursday night. I knew right away that I wanted to create my map of all the places one can eat when they are in Bloomsburg. I choose this topic because I have said it and heard a lot of people say it before that Bloomsburg has no where to go out and eat at. However, that is not the truth, Bloom actually has a lot of different options.

I knew I wanted to organize my map into two sections. One of the spots in Bloomsburg where you can quickly grab food and one that is a local spot and more sit down and enjoy your meal.

I didn’t have any issues with google maps when it came to the creation of my own map. I was easily able to find my restaurants and tag them. I also had no problems when it came to changing my icon and the icon color. The main issue I had was when it came to writing my descriptions. I didn’t know what to say about each spot. Especially the pizza places and the more quick grab and go spots. Even though I have eaten at most of the places I struggled to write something. So I turned to the websites I used to find my pictures to help me write my descriptions.

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