Diagram of an Alto Saxophone

For this assignment, I decided to start from scratch on canva. I wasn’t completely sure what I wanted I to look like so I kind of just went with it. It was easier than I thought it was going to be to create from scratch and to add all of the arrows and text.

For the research, I went onto Yamaha’s website since that is the brand of saxophone that I currently own and they had a diagram to look at. I started with just the picture of the saxophone and then started to label it. Once I got to the mouthpiece, I realized that there were parts to it that you couldn’t see, so then I found a picture of the mouthpiece and added it into the project. This probably took me about an hour or two start to finish because of all of the labeling involved and moving things around.

I decided to keep the colors very simple and sophisticated. Sheet music is black and white so I kept the colors the same with just the pop of color from the saxophone itself. I kept the font very basic and sophisticated as well because that is also how sheet music is. This assignment was a fun way to show my music knowledge that I haven’t really been in touch with for a while.

Saxophone Image: https://www.heidmusic.com/yamaha-yas-26-standard-alto-saxophone/

Mouthpiece Image: https://windysounds.com/best-alto-sax-mouthpieces/

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